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Recommended Process Condition:

   Laminate Temperature:120~140℃

   Duration  time:20-25minute

   The processing conditions are for the reference only.

   Their parameters should be adjusted base on spot conditions.

Use and characteristic: 

   The products, which have the features of good temperature resistance, good anticorrobility

 and long durability, are widely used in PVC magnetic cards based on which telecom card,

 identification card. transaction cards, attendance cards and dining card. The products are
 suitable for laminating techniques.

General Characteristics

   Base film material: Polyester
   Magnetic layer material: Ferrite

   Color:  Black

Thickness Characteristics

   Base film thickness:(12±1)µm

   Total thickness:(26~29)µm

Magnetic Characteristics

   Coercivity Hc:23.9kA/m(300 Oe)

   Retentivity Br:1.4±0.14(10-6 Wb/m)

   Squareness K:≥0.8

Signal Amplitude Characteristics

   Signal amplitude UA1:80~130% UR

   Signal amplitude Ui1:≤136% UR

   Signal amplitude UA2:≥80% UR

   Signal amplitude Ui2:≥65% UA2

   ResolutionUA3:≥70% UA2

   Erasure UA4:≤3% UR

   Extra pulse Ui4:≤5% UR

Wear Resistance Characteristics

   According to ISO/IEC 7811-2/10373

   Average signal amplitude: UA after≥60% UAbefore

   Individual signal amplitude:Ui after≥80% Uibefore

   Durability:≥2000 times

Chemical Resistance Characteristics

   According to ISO/IEC 7811-2/10373

   Average signal amplitude:UAafter≥90% UAbefore

   Individual signal amplitude:Uiafter≥90% Uibefore

Storage Conditions:

   The allowed storage period for the reel is 3 years at

   Temperature 10~30℃,Humidity 40%~60%RH,Heavy pressing strictly prohibited.

   Not more than 6 boxes pile up, far away from the magnetic field.

   Handle with care, avoid fierce vibration, and keep off sun and rain, far away from magnetic 

 field in the transportations.

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